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Prosper P2P Reader (Ad Free)


****Ad Free****The 'Prosper P2P Reader' accesses your Prosper Funding (a.k.a. Prosper Lending) investor account information by accessing the Prosper Funding servers.
Features: - Auto Updates / Notifications when account values have changed - Account Value - List of Payments (upcoming payment amounts and due dates) - List of Pending Notes - Note Status Summary - Note Potential tool (provide list and summary of potential value of all Notes) - Note potential per note & net gain per note at the end of term - Note Forecast tool (provide total payments per month for the next 65 months) - Outstanding Principle - Total of Pending Notes - Total Net Interest Received - Total Service Fees - Total Interest Received - Total Payments Received - Monthly Interest Receiving (Calculated amount of Interest per month on Notes) - Monthly Service Fees - Monthly Net Receiving - Average Return Rate - Note Details * Note age * Note rate * Note principal * Note interest received * Note late fees received * Loan Status (Completed, Defaulted, etc..)
- 'Contact Us' feature is provided to submit any bugs, enhancements or comments regarding the application.
To use the application - first create an API password.
- Login to Prosper at - Select Settings -> API settings, - Create your password for the API.
It is important to note that this is a read-only app (for-now); you may set the API password to 'Read-Only'